Have you ever had a moment where someone was totally there for you? They didn’t ask your religion, political views, or if you like the color yellow. They just were there for you. Maybe they listened to you rant about your day, helped you through troubling times, or maybe they said something truly inspiring that made you smile. Whatever it was, I’m sure it was a pretty amazing feeling.

Listening to each other and being there for one another, no matter what, creates connection. It creates a feeling of belonging and togetherness.  Being there for someone doesn’t have to be about giving money. It can be as simple as smiling, making eye contact, actively listening, making a helpful suggestion, or striking up a conversation with a stranger.

A simple act of contribution can impact someone’s life more than we will ever know. I hope to help illustrate that with this website and video. Start noticing yourselves contributing to others, you probably do it more than you realize. If not, try it out.  We all need somebody to lean on!