This page was created to showcase how positive human interaction plays such an important roll in our lives. When I say human interaction, I mean face-to-face human interaction. In my past posts, I mention how I believe we are all feeling more disconnected without even realizing it. I talk about how technology allows us to have less face-to-face interaction. I think it’s one of the causes of fear, hate, and violence we are experiencing. I truly hope to inspire people to get out there and “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

As I spoke with friends about this endeavor,  most were supportive and hopeful. Some had further questions, “How can you expect me to get along with someone I completely and utterly disagree with”. That is a hard question for most to answer, and has recently been one we’ve all been faced with.

I believe there are two ways to handle a disagreement. One is to treat and speak about it disrespectfully. Do everything possible to prove they’re/it’s wrong, and refuse to move forward with acceptance. The other is to disagree respectively, ask and answer questions to promote understanding and inspiration, agree to disagree, and move on with acceptance. Acceptance meaning, there are two opinions and it’s ok.

We are free to choose how we disagree with someone, that is our right. In my opinion, disagreeing respectively promotes more peace in our lives and the world. I’m sharing this commercial to illustrate two human beings who represent coexistence. The lead characters in the commercial are played by actual religious leaders. They’ve done interviews since, and are able to interact without opposition, and in fact are excited about how it’s bringing people together.

I believe we can coexist with people who don’t share the same ideals and morals. We can be respectful and understanding when someone chooses a different lifestyle, religion, leader, food, clothing, etc. Doing this doesn’t mean we lose all we believe in, or stop taking action to align with our beliefs. It means we stop arguing, and start loving each other for who they are. We “let it be”. What can you stop disagreeing about, and let be?