How long has the earth been providing you resources to live?

Today is Earth Day, a day to be thankful for the free natural resources the earth provides us. The rain, snow, air, wind, fire, flowers, trees, bees, birds, animals, mountains, forests, deserts, oceans, rivers, and lakes. There are so many beautiful gifts we are given!

Today is also a day to reflect how our lives choices impact these beautiful gifts. A day to think about how we can make decisions that allow the earth to continue to provide these gifts. We are all united by the fact that we live on earth, we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Without oxygen, we will all die the same way as every other human, animal, and living being on this earth. We ALL share these resources, therefore we ALL share the responsibility to protect them.

Please be aware of your impact on the planet today. Be conscious of the choices you make. Once you are aware of your footprint, you will be presented with options. I challenge you to make little changes in your life that positively benefit our earth. The earth gives so much to you! The earth needs a big hug and a thank you every once and while too! Enjoy your EARTH day today!

How long have you been helping the earth live?