Earth Is Our Neighborhood

“Happy Earth Day to You”

How long has the earth been providing you resources to live? Today is Earth Day, a day to be thankful for the free natural resources the earth provides us. The rain, snow, air, wind, fire, flowers, trees, bees, birds, animals,... Continue Reading →

“What A Wonderful World This Could Be”

Which of the two options would you chose? Make $50,000 a year, while everyone else makes $25,000 Make $100,000 a year, while everyone else makes $250,000 My yoga instructor presented this to our class last weekend. It was a study... Continue Reading →

“What A Wonderful World”

The other day, I listened to someone list all the negative things going on in the world, describing them as outrageous and ridiculous. This negativity is thriving on the internet, in the news, and now during conversations with neighbors. There... Continue Reading →

“Let It Be” This page was created to showcase how positive human interaction plays such an important roll in our lives. When I say human interaction, I mean face-to-face human interaction. In my past posts, I mention how I believe we are... Continue Reading →

“We All Need Somebody To Lean On”   Have you ever had a moment where someone was totally there for you? They didn't ask your religion, political views, or if you like the color yellow. They just were there for you. Maybe they listened to you... Continue Reading →

A couple years ago, when school shootings were on the rise, I started to realize how disconnected people were becoming. I felt helpless, and I wanted to do something about it.  Luckily, I was participating in the Landmark Curriculum for... Continue Reading →

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